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PROJECTS | Carlos Payán

The double bass by itself

“La contrebasse par elle-même”

Modern music for double bass


Currently, the double bass as a solo instrument is still little known in the various artistic and social circles. Indeed, in order to approach a larger audience and trying to bring them surprise and astonishment, this concert takes shape in a less traditional context and outside the usual concert halls. The program is composed of pieces written in the second half of the twentieth century and others composed more recently. Their language is rather experimental. They travel through tonality and atonality, among others, sound effects to the bow and pizzicati whose structures are sometimes unpredictable.


This project is animated by the will to open favorable ways to build, create and recreate ourselves!


Program proposal:

Due piccoli pezzi  – Alberto Bocini

1st and 3rd pieces


Hämärä: le cou-cou chante dans le crépuscule – Richard Dubugnon


KadenzaTeppo Hauta-aho


Esquisse No. 1 – Carlos Payán

I Mov. Lent et atmosphérique


II Mov. Allegro avec étrangeté



Esquisse No. 2 – Carlos Payán

I Mov. Lent et douloureux


II Mov. Allegro molto et viscéral


The program is subject to change

Carlos Payán : double bass

Upside down…on pain…

“Sens dessus, sens dessous…sur la douleur…”

 Work in progress

To express artistically the pain that the human being carries in itself, here is the thread of this performance. We believe that it is important to highlight a metaphorical vision of this force that animates us and to put it in conjunction with everyday life. In this way, pain is seen as a source of transformation of our ways of relating to oneself and others. Indeed, this compression opens a broader vision of what is happening in us and around us where tolerance, respect and tenderness can awaken in everyone…

…To authentically open the heart is perhaps the realization of one’s own existence, which at the same time involves a passage through the pain, the latter, intrinsically linked to our condition. Indeed, this realization causes the questioning of what we believe to be there and invites us to the reconstitution of our ways of thinking, feeling and acting, in other words, the opening of the heart invites us to a death and a symbolic rebirth…

This is a profound change and hard to bear, but as Eric Neumann said:

“… to advance in the world and to find oneself with the universal principle, are the tasks of human and individual development …”



Sandra Chocarro : Flutes, objects, sounds and composition.

Yesid Fonseca : Electronics, Image projection and composition.

Carlos Payán : Double bass, composition, artistic direction and dramaturgy.

Océane Stein : Decoration, staging and image aesthetic.



Star drawings

 Dessins des étoiles

The human being has always codified, draws, engraves, paints forms and symbols of divine messages. The creative mind has access to an energetically different world that brings meaning to our lives.

The design of the stars proposed for this exhibition represents the quest for a life, a journey that leads to the flight of the soul that we all live while growing up.

The writing of the stars is there to develop the imagination, to shine the eyes and to awaken the inner sparkle.


Malizia Moulin: Star drawings

Carlos Payán: Double bass and composition   

Place: Villa Dutoit

5, ch. Gilbert-Troillet


Exhibition opening : Thursday 17th of January 2019 from 6pm.



Facing the cosmos

Work in progress

This project takes the form of an interdisciplinary performance that brings together original music, extracts from literary, philosophical, anthropological, mythological, psychological and poetic texts, holokinetic light and sound programming.

From a personal interpretation of the existential paradigms that we face in the contemporary world (global and local, social, political, psychological, economical, ecological) this project will develop in synthesis a complex vision of humanity facing the universe, more concretely that of the West.

Highlighting the current state of crisis of our civilization and the resources that could be considered to face the problems of such a crisis, here is the thread of this performance. In fact, paradoxically, today’s world has at the same time the necessary resources to face these problems and to cause a great humanitarian and ecological disaster. Here are some questions that can be raised: What are the antagonistic paradigms that make up our psyche and our world view? What are the underlying causes of social unconscious compliance and obedience on the one hand and the excessive hunger for power and control of the political and corporate class on the other? Is there a force more powerful than we deny intellectual and spiritual foresight to address the fundamental problems we face as civilization? There seems to be a missing piece to fully understand our current state at the individual and collective level, perhaps an ecological catastrophe could awaken this understanding? Maybe a nuclear war? Or is a new consciousness emerging in turbulence?

Carlos Payán : Composition, Electric Bass, artistic direction and dramaturgy.

Instrumentation: Piano, Hammond Organ, Percussions, Drums, Electric Bass, Voice et electronics.

Al toque mestizo, Latin American popular music group


Manuel Araneda : Voice and “ajon

Jorge Pacheco : Guitar and voice

Carlos Payán : Double bass

Gabriel Valtchev : Percussions


Al Toque Mestizo. Dossier



Silent film and doble bass

Work in progress

Film : Images disconnected from sense 


*Artisticosmystique* Project

Experimental film video and animation, crazy images laboratory by Malizia Moulin.

Presentations – poaime

Star walk on the Earth * Life Rhythm * Breath * NaiSENS of buried magic * Amaze – Love wake up – Love dream and link * Dream wake up * Soft wake up et intuitive of astral emotions * Instinct – divine moment * Access the creative temple * Develop his internal flame, earthling lantern * Innate Face * Offer what there is above here and what there is here above *

Silent images invite sound player from the same planet

No sense in the abSENS of a stitched Sound. In everlasting movement like life, the sound of IMAGES DISCONNECTED FROM SENSE, is varied, multi-form and UNIc.

Union of Sound and iMAGES, alloy * Musical sun * Musicalié * MUSICastrAL * Connection to the stars * AMENer D’yeux aux OReilles * Breath ! * Creation doesn’t belong to us, it is everyone’s! Yours, mine, theirs ! It comes from there! * Language – poetic commitment from the sky – Delicious – Des lies cieux * Deep feeling * Heart warmth * Âmeour * The spark ! Shine !

Voilà if you needed a description…this is it!

Summary = indescribable! 

Life colours ! Welcome ! In any way you want!

Malizia Moulin : Film director http://malmoulcreation.tumblr.com

Carlos Payán : Double bass and composition